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Web and mobile marketing planning, design, hosting, managing, search engine optimization and web promotion services through my company: Notchnet



Present small business development and web marketing seminars throughout New England. Create and conduct customized online training programs.

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Self-published a comical memoir about growing up with the circus in Twin Mountain, New Hampshire.
Check out my book: Circus Towne

Circus Towne: the Book!

The Internet is a powerful tool and can help us all achieve our goals. I've worked with hundreds of organizations and small business owners to find success on the world wide web. My expertise include website management, e-commerce, email marketing, social media and mobile marketing.

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Digital Marketing Can Be Fun!

digital marketing consultingI work with hundreds of organizations and small business owners to promote their passions and missions on the world wide web. The clients I enjoy working with are enthusiastic to learn how to embrace the power of the Internet to grow their ideas. Bringing the passion you have for your product or service to the web makes digital marketing a fun adventure figuring out the various paths to connect with your audience.

Email Marketing With Constant Contact

constant contact solution provider To engage your customers easily, I recommend Constant Contact. I've been a solution provider for over twelve years and find the Constant Contact Platform easy to use and powerful! It integrates with popular social networks and can help you organize your customer data. Contact me for a free overview of the Constant Contact Platform and get a free 60-day trial to see if it works for you! View More about Constant Contact here...

Circus Power

ronnie francis clowning around with her pet pigGrowing up in an amusement business certainly gave me a different perspective on life. When I was eight years old, my father started a circus-themed amusement business in the White Mountains of NH. Every day for three summers, I had a front row seat and a free pass to the back lot of a circus! It was a very magical time and left a lasting impression on me. I didn't go to circus college or run away with the circus, I took the conventional path, went to business school, got married, started my own business and left my clown shoes in the closet. But the circus was always in my heart and in 2014, I was inspired to write the story of "Circus Towne" and self-published a fun book about it. After publishing my book, I heard stories from so many people who enjoyed going to Circus Towne. I have since reconnected with my circus passion and brought more circus power into my life and business! Contact me about learning to bring more Circus Power to your web marketing!

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