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Veronica Francis

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Web Marketing Can be Fun!

digital marketing can be funIt can seem impossible to keep up with digital marketing trends. Everyday there is a new app or platform to learn. It can really slow productivity and bog down the entrepreneurial spirit! I always feel challenged by it all and have learned strategies over the decades to keep the wild web at bay! When working with my web marketing clients, we don't just talk tech - we focus on their business dreams and what web tools would work best to achieve those dreams. Apps and platforms are tools built to help grow your business, not overwhelm you. Sometimes we don't need the latest and greatest, we just need the right strategy and tools best suited to promote our mission. And, it doesn't need to be a grind! When you find the right web programs that match your personality and values, web marketing can be fun! If it isn't, well then maybe you need my services.

Put a Little Fun in your Business!

learn to have fun with web marketingIf you are looking to put more fun in your work, business or life in general, then work with me to save time, stress less and promote yourself online with confidence!

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I always love an audience, online or in a stadium - bring it on and I'll do my best to hear some laughs and cheers when I take a final style! View more about my training style....

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If you are looking for some guidance on navigating the web marketing world or how to put a little more zip in your zap, then contact me for a quick assessment to see if we would work well together.

I enjoy working with gutsy entrepreneurs, dreamers, bored business owners or most authentic humans who enjoy learning.

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