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My Circus Power Story

circus powerI always had a passion for circus! But I ignored my circus passion for many decades - until I hit midlife! BLAH! I was overdone, stressed out, out of shape and just didn't want to live like that anymore. So I talked to a life design coach and was told to look back at my childhood for a passion to help ignite a spark in me now. I searched my soul, I searched my closets, and what did I find? My circus props! All my circus memories came flooding back to me and instantly started to cheer me up! I realized right then that I needed more circus in my life. So I set out over the last year to find ways to put more circus into my life and to make everyday a circus day!

Now I want to share my circus power story with the world and maybe bring you a few laughs! So sit back, relax and enjoy the lessons I learned during my year in search of Circus!

Only Juggle What You can Handle Today

We often hear people say I'm juggling too many responsibilities and can't keep up! The Lesson I learned was to juggle only what I can handle that day. I learned other lessons by learning to juggle and chasing those balls around has kept me in shape!

Swing High for Your Dreams

The first thing I set out to do when I was looking for more way to bring circus in my life was attend a circus weekend at the New England Center for the Circus Arts in nearby Vermont It was a wild weekend of trapeze, hula hooping and swinging with my husband! I got to experience a childhood dream of mine to fly on the trapeze and realized it's never too late to achieve your dreams!

Find Balance

Since ancient circus times, one thing has stayed constant over the years, and that is balancing acts! They always amaze me. I've never had very good balance, so during my year of circus power I researched ways to apply more balance in my life. I started balancing small aspects of my life and found it brought my whole life in balance!

Whatever you do - do it with style

I've wanted to be every type of circus performer! Some days, I wanted to be a professional clown, other days I wanted to be the trapeze artist, then I'd go off and spend hours juggling. I never had the discipline or the desire to really give all that it takes to succeed in the circus. But the one skill I learned as a kid, that I practiced for hours everyday and carried with me throughout my life is how to "Style".

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